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Profile of the Membership of the Survey Team

  • The Team Leader must be an individual with previous experience in
    accreditation. For the initial and perhaps all accreditations in the first two years a
    specialist from another profession will lead the survey team. This will allow time
    for opticians to become experienced in their own accreditations.
  • Each province will provide names of possible team members. These names will
    be screened and must be acceptable to both NACOR and CAOE.
  • In preparation for the survey team members to become competent site
    evaluators and future team leaders each member must complete the Site
    Evaluation Course through the Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada

Role and Responsibilities of the Survey Team

  • The Survey Team receives, reviews and assesses the accreditation Phase 2
    Program Submission.
  • The Survey Team Conducts the Accreditation Site Visit
  • The Survey Team drafts a preliminary assessment report for comment and
    forwards it to the program within established timelines. (see report template)
  • The program has the opportunity to respond within the appropriate timelines in
    order to further inform the Survey Team. All feedback is integrated into the final
    report and reviewed by the team prior to submitting the Final Survey Team
    Report to the National Board of Opticianry Accreditation

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